Sunday, December 30, 2012

Upcoming events

Yes, indeedy -- I do have some upcoming events in 2013.

Event Number 1:
Location: Saanich Centennial Branch of Greater Victoria Public Library, 3110 Tillicum Road, Victoria (immediately behind Tillicum Mall)
Date and Time: Wednesday, February 20th, 2013, at 7pm, evening

The library asks that you register by phone (250-477-9030) or online at
This is a celebration of Heritage Week and their theme this year is "Good Neighbours: Heritage Homes and Neighbourhoods."
As you know I cannot show or talk about his home more than I already have done, as it was destroyed by fire many years ago.
But his farm had an interesting history after he left it -- I might have time to fit that in.

Even is I cannot give a lot of information about Anderson's house, I can say a lot about Anderson as a good neighbour, and I will. 
I will talk about potatoes (at Fort Alexandria and elsewhere); about mills (three of them, in fact); and about his Native neighbours at both Fort Alexandria and Saanich.
I can speak of Beacon Hill Park and the South Saanich Agricultural grounds and fair.
St. Stephens Church will play its part in my talk as well.
But I have only 3/4 hour with room for questions afterward -- will I truly be able to fit all these stories into that short period of time?
We will find out.
And even if I do not manage to squeeze all these stories into my talk without making it too confusing, I will post them on my blog afterward.
This will be fun -- it will be a chance to talk about the man I discovered behind the important history he lived through.
I will bring books to sell and will sign any that you have already purchased, with thanks.

Event Number 2:
This event is a little farther from home -- on Anderson Island in Puget Sound, in fact.
The date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013. I don't have a time, but it sounds as if it is in the evening at their usual time. There is an announcement in "the Sounder."
The place: the Community Club, Anderson Island
Sponsored by: The Anderson Island Historical Society, Potluck and Presentation.
Click on their website, here:  Anderson Island Historical Society
As you know, Anderson Island was named by Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, of the United States Exploring Expedition, for fur trader Alexander Caulfield Anderson, who happened to be the man in charge of Fort Nisqually at the time of Wilkes' arrival there.
For more information on Wilkes you should read Nathaniel Philbrick's book, Sea of Glory: America's Voyage of Discovery, the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842.
I have a lot of stories about Anderson's time at Fort Nisqually and none of these stories made it into The Pathfinder.

There is a bit of a funny story about family connections in this invitation to Anderson Island.
It happened this way -- through my Anderson family page on, I received a query from Rick Anderson, who lived on Anderson Island and who wanted to know more about A.C. Anderson.
He knew the island was not named for his Anderson family although it appears that everyone else on Anderson Island believes it was.
I told him about The Pathfinder and he immediately invited me down to speak about Alexander Caulfield Anderson in front of the local historical society.
My sister then told her Seattle step-grandson (not an A.C. Anderson descendant) of the event, and he said he played music with some of the Anderson Island Anderson kids, who "owned the whole island." (They don't).
Not only was there the immediate connection with the Anderson Island Anderson kids, but we learned that the step-grandson lived a block or two from the store that another Alexander Caulfield Anderson descendant owned, and they recognized the store by the pug dog tied outside the door.
So there you go -- connections everywhere.

So, it looks like I will be writing and power-pointing talks for a little while -- along with doing my regular job, marketing the book, writing the blog, researching my next book, managing twitter, google+, various book and writing forums, and on and on.
By the way, if you want to join me on Twitter (this time I am having quite a bit of fun on it) my name is Nancy M. Anderson (I think) and my "handle" Marguerite_HBC.
With Google+ you will find me under "Nancy Marguerite Anderson."

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