Wednesday, May 8, 2013

B.C. Historical Federation Conference

I am in Kamloops for most of this week, attending the British Columbia Historical Federation Conference, where I will be mingling with many who are interested in writing and reading our province's history. 

It will be fun, and I will report on the conference on my return to Victoria.

While I will be attending a few talks, I will also find time to go to the Museum and view Alexander Caufield Anderson's original 1849 drawing of the fort. 

I might even have time to get into the archives, though I doubt that.

In the meantime, some people at this conference might be looking at my blog to order the book (if we run out up there), or to follow me on Twitter. 
So, for them, here are the important e-addresses they will need to do both:

My Amazon Author Page is:

My Twitter handle is: @Marguerite_HBC

They may meet my sister, too, and want to follow her on Twitter. Her handle is: @WriteOffTheEdge 

Will we see you at Kamloops?
If so, come over and introduce yourself.

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  1. Before you attend a later conference as a seller of a book of history, please talk to me.